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Faculty Merit Postdoctoral Professional & Scientific Research Temporary Internal

Temporary/Other Jobs@UIOWA

The University of Iowa is the employer of choice in the Iowa City/Coralville area: offering competitive compensation, opportunities for professional growth and public engagement within a diverse and vibrant community.

Positions listed here are typically temporary positions (short-term appointments needed to meet a temporary need of the University) or positions that are less than 50% appointments (less than 20 hours per week); these positions are typically are not eligible for University benefits and are considered “at will”.

The University of Iowa welcomes and encourages applications from women, minorities, veterans, mature workers and persons with disabilities. If assistance is needed with completion of the application, please use the Contact Us form so your questions can be directed to the appropriate department, and we may assist you in the most efficient manner possible.

Posting ID Title Department End
111194 Field/Lab Technician State Archaeologist 06/29/2018
112057 Research Exercise Specialist Psychological and Brain Sciences 04/30/2018
111751 Research Assistant Psychological and Brain Sciences 04/23/2018
112196 Student Research Assistant Anesthesia 05/04/2018
112111 Research Assistant Ophthalmology & Visual Science 05/31/2018
112232 Hourly Temp Research Assisstant Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation 04/26/2018
112231 Undergraduate Student IT Office Assistant Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation 05/06/2018
112195 Research Intern Pediatrics 04/23/2018
112197 Family Nurse Practitioner or Adult-Gero Nurse Practitioner Nursing 04/26/2018
110556 Adjunct Teaching-multiple levels Public Health Administration 06/30/2018
112211 Temp Employee - Non-UI Student Epidemiology 04/23/2018
112154 House Operations Manager Nursing Service 05/01/2018
108162 Staff Nurse Nursing Service 04/30/2018
106342 Nursing Assistant Nursing Service 04/27/2018
111713 Laboratory Anayst Hygienic Laboratory-BEQ 05/11/2018
111712 Environmental Analyst-Limnology Hygienic Laboratory-BEQ 05/11/2018
111892 Laboratory Anayst Hygienic Laboratory-Other Support Services 05/23/2018
110471 Staff Nurse Outreach Clinics 09/23/2018
112194 Facility Assistant Lakeside 04/23/2018