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Fire Safety Inspector

Posting ID 129354
Department Facilities Management/VP Finance & Operations
Jobcode Fire Safety Inspector
Working Title Fire Safety Inspector

 Fire Safety Inspector

Pay Rate: $18.11/hour

Flexible hours (16-20 hours per week) with shift between the hours of 7am and 3:30pm, Monday through Friday.


Under general supervision, the Fire Safety Inspector performs skilled and semi-skilled duties required for inspection, installation, maintenance, repair and servicing of fire equipment along with reviewing proposed construction plans for conformance with fire safety equipment codes and inspection of facilities to determine additional needs for fire equipment.


1.       -Reviews plans and specifications on construction projects and contracts and recommends changes where needed to meet applicable fire safety equipment codes.  

2.       Inspects facilities to determine fire extinguisher type for hazards present as related to Iowa Building code, NFPA, Uniform Fire code, Uniform Building code and applicable EPA regulations (underground fuel tanks).  Inspects, maintains, and replaces fire hoses, CO2, foam, dry chemical, ABC, soda-acid, and water pressure type extinguishers for leaks, dents, corrosion, weights, rusts, damaged gauges, cut and broken hoses. 

3.       -Maintains software based bar scanner program to track inventory and test records for fire prevention equipment on campus. 

4.       -Determines fire safety equipment necessary to cope with anticipated fire hazards for specific and general locations. 

5.       -Meet with departmental deans, faculty, staff and students when safety hazards are present.  Provide technical assistance to correct violations.

6.       -Assists with the Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Fire Alarm and Fire Protection Systems.

 -Utilizes published codes, standards, and laws as reference for inspections and for advice on procedures and purchase of equipment.

8.       -Reviews plans and specifications prepared by others for inclusion of safety features of all kinds.

9.       -Maintains CMMS and software based databases and programs for Fire and Life Safety Assets.

10.    -Other assigned duties


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

•           Ability to work in a variety of environments including heights, confined spaces, poorly lit areas, high sound levels,  with possible exposure to chemical, biological, radiological, and neurological, and other environmental hazards.

•             Basic knowledge with Microsoft Office.

•             Ability to carry a 20# ABC extinguisher up flights of stairs

•             Knowledge of 2015 International Fire Code, NFPA, NEC, and other codes and standards.

•             Knowledge of various fire extinguishers, suppression systems, and sprinkler systems.

•             Knowledge of principles, methods and techniques used in fire prevention.

•             Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions.

•             Ability and skill to operate safely and maintain equipment of hand and power tools

•             Ability to read and interpret plans and specifications

•             Ability to communicate effectively, orally and in writing, with other departmental personnel, students, staff, vendors, suppliers, and the public


 Minimum Eligibility Requirements:

•     High school graduation or equivalent G.E.D.

·         Valid Driver’s License and ability to meet and maintain UI Fleet Safety Standards


Desired Qualification

•             Two Years of post-high school training or experience in the basic skills of fire prevention.







Phone: 319-353-4521
Application Instructions Please send a resume and cover letter to Courtenay Villhauer at
Ad Start Date 07/29/2022
Ad End Date 09/30/2022

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