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Research Assistant

Posting ID 115144
Department Biology/College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Jobcode Temp Professional Employee
Working Title Research Assistant

The University of Iowa

Department of Biological Sciences

Laboratory of Dr. Bin He

We are looking for a motivated individual interested in acquiring expertise in basic research skills and helping to manage a laboratory that uses yeast species, including human commensals, to study the evolution of stress responses and the gene regulation behind. This is a one-year position with the possibility of converting into a long term RA employment if the individual demonstrated commitment and suitable skills. For more information, please check (

This position involves

a) the performance of standard and moderately complex research procedures in microbiology, cell biology, molecular biology and genetics required for beginning level research in the natural sciences.

b) ordering and organizing lab supplies and equipment, record keeping and database maintenance, preparation of research grants and manuscripts and training of new personnel.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Culture and maintain yeast strains and prepare stock solutions for experiments;
  • Perform general laboratory maintenance;
  • Requisition supplies, specimens and materials, organize work areas, care of equipment and maintain inventories of general supplies;
  • Follow detailed technical instructions in setting up and conducting standard experiments that will eventually lead to a proficiency in standard molecular biological, cell biological and genetics techniques;
  • Maintain detailed record of results, both experimental and computational;
  • Prepare materials for reports and grant applications;
  • Manage databases related with laboratory inventory, ordering supplies, maintaining bacterial and yeast strains and other related reagents;
  • Work with or train other laboratory personnel or students in research techniques or procedures;
  • Participate in laboratory meetings and seminars;
  • Seek opportunities to enhance one’s own professional knowledge, skills, and abilities as they relate to position.
  • Perform related duties as required or assigned.

Minimum Qualifications:

A bachelor's degree in the chemistry, biology or biomedical sciences;

  • A minimum commitment of one year;
  • Demonstrated ability to prepare and maintain laboratory stock reagents;
  • Attention to detail and accurate record keeping;
  • Ability to work independently and in a team environment;
  • Knowledge in, or ability to learn scientific computing tools, e.g. unix, R;
  • Ability to organize laboratory meetings and events.
  • Ability to follow detailed instructions as required;
  • Interest and openness to learning new and varied techniques;

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Previous demonstrated laboratory or research experience in the areas of molecular biology/biochemistry/biology or related field;
  • Experience with yeast genetics and strain management is highly desirable;
  • Knowledge of library research tools and scientific terminology;
  • Excellent writing, communication, organizational and interpersonal skills.

To apply for this position, contact Dr. Bin He at (, with a current CV and a statement of interest.

Contact BIN HE
Phone: 319-467-0158
Application Instructions To apply for this position, contact Dr. Bin He at, with a current CV and a statement of interest.
Ad Start Date 11/02/2018
Ad End Date 11/23/2018