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Faculty Merit Postdoctoral Professional & Scientific Research Temporary Internal
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Gen Sci Lab

Posting ID 113393
Department Ophthalmology & Visual Science/Carver College of Medicine
Jobcode Gen Sci Lab
Working Title Gen Sci Lab

Part time.

The Kuehn lab is seeking a student assistant in our stem cell laboratory, working to treat glaucoma and some other neural degenerative diseases.

Dr. Kuehn’s laboratory is part of the University of Iowa’s Institute for Vision Research. This highly collaborative group of over 20 investigators occupies more than 40,000 square feet of research space within the same building, resulting in an enormous accumulation of resources and expertise.

A successful candidate will be a highly motivated individual taking care of stem cells or some other cells under the guidance of a postdoc fellow in the Kuehn lab. Cell culture experience, such as plating cells, passaging cells, or freezing cells is preferred but not exclusive. Our lab will provide stepwise training of stem cell culture, stem cell 3D differentiation, CRISPR genomic editing, immunohistochemistry, confocal microscopy.

Desirable Qualifications:

1. Interested in stem cell biology, ocular morphology and disease, and eager to learn new techniques.

2. Work schedule is flexible but will need to change medium or take images on the weekend or after office hours.


Phone: 319-356-4674
Application Instructions please send updated CV to
Ad Start Date 07/11/2018
Ad End Date 07/31/2018