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Laboratory Anayst

Posting ID 111713
Department Hygienic Laboratory-BEQ/University Hygienic Lab
Jobcode Temp Employee - Non-UI Student
Working Title Laboratory Anayst

The State Hygienic Laboratory, at the University of Iowa has two summer temporary Lab tech positions in the Ankeny Laboratory in the IA Lab Complex, near the DMACC campus. Must possess knowledge and/or basic experience to provide assistance in sample set-up, processing and clean-up of environmental laboratory procedures. Work will include but not limited to, following regulatory and non-regulatory methods and procedures which involve digestion, distillation, titration, pH, and other basic sample processing techniques. This position will involve adhering to good laboratory practice standards.

Skills Required:

Completion of college-level introductory chemistry and/or chemistry lab coursework. Must have basic knowledge of: chemistry-lab equipment, principles of sanitation, health/hazard protection, lab safety, laboratory terminology and understand quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC). Must have basic experience in whole or part of the following: handling laboratory glassware and supplies; clean, wash, sanitize laboratory area, equipment and glassware used in an environmental laboratory processes; handling various environmental samples, laboratory reagents and standards; complies with standard laboratory practices, policies and procedures; demonstrates ability to follow oral and written instructions ability to work in a group and/or independently; ability and willingness to conduct oneself in accordance with University of Iowa rules including practicing good conduct and workplace behavior.

Specific Skills Desired:

Experience in basic laboratory work, lab safety, working with concentrated acids and caustic reagents, pipette skills, work with various environmental matrices or samples, independent time management, fluent communication skills, accurate recordkeeping, can demonstrate initiative.


8:00 am-5:00 pm M-F-Flexible hours may depend on sample load

Phone: 515-725-1640
Application Instructions Send resume to Jessica Elliott:

or mail to:
Jessica Elliott
2220 South Ankeny Blvd.
Ankeny IA 50023
Ad Start Date 03/12/2018
Ad End Date 05/11/2018