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Faculty Merit Postdoctoral Professional & Scientific Research Temporary Internal
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Research Assistant

Posting ID 110636
Department Ophthalmology & Visual Science/Carver College of Medicine
Jobcode Research Assistant
Working Title Research Assistant


- Conduct basic research tasks (e.g. execute experiments and collect/record experimental data) with oversight by the Principal Investigator (PI) and experienced lab members

- Work with mouse models of human diseases and maintain mouse colony

- Collaborate with graduate students and other members of the laboratory

- Maintain laboratory equipment, supplies, and reagents

- Maintain safety records and ensure regulatory compliance in the laboratory

- Assist in manuscript writing for publication


- Academic knowledge (college level) of molecular biology, biochemistry, cell biology, and genetics and the ability to apply that knowledge to a research setting

- Knowledge and experience in basic molecular biology techniques (e.g. plasmid DNA extraction, sub-cloning, PCR, gel electrophoresis) and protein biochemistry techniques (e.g. SDS-PAGE and Western blotting)

- 0-6 months of experience with handling small vertebrate animals and tissue dissection

- Excellent time management and organizational skills

- Excellent verbal and written communication skills


- 6+ months experience with handling rodents including husbandry and tissue dissection is highly desired.

- Prior experience in the following areas is highly desirable: immunofluorescence microscopy, advanced molecular biology techniques (e.g. site-directed mutagenesis, RNA extraction, reverse transcription PCR, quantitative PCR), advanced protein biochemistry techniques (e.g. recombinant protein purification, immunoprecipitation), mammalian cell culture techniques (e.g. aseptic handling, DNA and siRNA transfection), and histological techniques (e.g. vibratome, cryostat or microtome sectioning, H&E staining).

Temporary position, up to 12 months

50-100% time (20-40 hrs) per week

$17.94/per hour

Phone: 319-335-7831
Application Instructions Please send current CV to
Ad Start Date 10/11/2017
Ad End Date 10/31/2017