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Salary and Promotions

Salary & Promotions Image
Salary & Promotions Image
Salary & Promotions Image
Salary & Promotions Image
  • Recent studies show that The University of Iowa is a locally and nationally competitive employer and a salary leader in many job classifications.
  • Salaries are an institutional and Board of Regents priority.
  • As a public employer, salary information and policies are public, making the information accessible for staff review.
  • "Comparable worth," the Iowa state law that provides the basis for state salaries, ensures equity in pay across classifications based on responsibilities, skill, effort, and working conditions.
  • The Merit Pay Plan provides a consistent pay structure across the Board of Regents institutions, as provided through regent merit rules and/or collective bargaining agreements.
  • The salary policy for Professional and Scientific employees allows flexibility and reward for performance.
  • Merit Classification Descriptions and P&S Classification Descriptions are available on the web for employee review, and staff may use special working titles on request.
  • Staff may initiate their own classification review and may appeal review decisions.
  • Staff can take advantage of promotional opportunities across campus to advance within the organization.
  • Peer resources are available on campus for staff who seek additional information.