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How to Apply

Professional and Scientific (P&S) positions at the University of Iowa generally require a minimum of a Bachelor's degree, but an equivalent combination of education and experience may be considered by departments.

Application process

To apply for most P&S positions, you must sign up for a Jobs@UIOWA username and password. Once you have successfully become a member of Jobs@UIOWA, you may use your username and password to log into the system and fill out a General Employment Application.

After completing your General Employment Application, you can perform a job search to find a job you would like to apply for. Click on the job title to view the job's details and "Online Application Options". If you would like to apply, click the "Apply For This Position" button to start the application.

If there is not an "Apply For This Position" button on the job details page, then follow the instructions listed.

The Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity is responsible for monitoring and collecting statistical information about the applicant pool for each P&S job. After you apply for a job, you will be asked to fill out a self-identification form.

Interviewing and hiring

Departments evaluate the resumes they receive to determine which candidates to interview. The Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity reviews and approves the department's proposed list of individuals to interview and hire before a job offer can be made.


Unless otherwise indicated, a position's advertised salary is between minimum of the the pay grade and commensurate. A department may consider a salary above the minimum based on an individual's qualifications and available funding.


P&S positions are advertised for a minimum of 10 working days but departments frequently request that their positions be advertised beyond the initial 10 day period. Positions on "extended advertising" may be filled at any time.

Other print advertising

Some departments advertise P&S openings in regional and local newspapers as well as in national journals. This advertising frequently occurs at the same time a job appears on the recorded job line, but not always. If you see a position in a print ad, follow the application instructions which appear in the ad.

Veteran Status – Honorably Discharged Veterans of the US Armed Forces

Veteran’s status allows you to request consideration for each position for which you choose to apply, in accordance with Iowa Code Chapter 35C . Choosing to disclose your status is voluntary. If you are a Veteran and honorably discharged and want this information to be part of your application, you may do so as part of your General application when you apply at the University of Iowa.

To get started, complete the Veteran’s Status section of your application, indicating the war era you served. Once completed you will need to fax, email or drop off a copy of your DD214 to our Employment Services office. Specific instructions are provided in your application.

Once approved, having your veteran status display to the hiring department is optional. You will have the choice to not disclose your status to the hiring department if you choose based on each position you apply for. If you take no action, your veteran status will automatically display on all applications.

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