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Faculty Merit Postdoctoral Professional & Scientific Research Temporary Internal

Welcome to Jobs@UIOWA

From the health sciences to the arts, our aim is to provide a diverse and technologically advanced community where all can work together to achieve excellence. On our beautiful campus spanning the Iowa River, our faculty and staff enjoy access to an array of cultural, educational, and recreational activities.

The University of Iowa welcomes and encourages applications from women, minorities, veterans, mature workers and persons with disabilities. If assistance is needed with completion of the application, please use the Contact Us form so your questions can be directed to the appropriate department, and we may assist you in the most efficient manner possible.

  • Faculty

    Faculty members at The University of Iowa are distinguished scholars, teachers and researchers. Iowa has a traditional tenure track, clinical track and shorter term positions.

  • Merit

    Merit employment at The University of Iowa includes clerical, technical, craft, trade and service area jobs. Qualifications for these positions range from the ability to read, write and follow instructions, to specific licenses, educational requirements and/or specified years of prior related experience.

  • Postdoctoral

    Postdoctoral Scholars at The University of Iowa are recognized as persons engaged primarily in research, as part of a continuum of post-Baccalaureate education and training, unique from either students or faculty members. Opportunities are available for Postdoctoral Research Scholars and Postdoctoral Research Fellows.

  • Professional & Scientific (P&S)

    Professional & Scientific employment at The University of Iowa requires skills and advanced knowledge gained through higher education or specific work experience. This category encompasses a broad range of positions including, but not limited to, Accounting, Administration, Engineering, Information Technology, Health Care, Research and Management.

  • Research Intern

    Research Interns at the University of Iowa are those individuals who seek training, experience and mentoring in a research setting; plan to pursue a graduate or professional degree in science, medicine or a related field; and have US citizenship or permanent residency. The internship allows them to work in the lab of a distinguished PI at a major national research institution, providing invaluable experience and preparation for commencement of advanced studies.

  • Internal

    Professional & Scientific employment available only to existing P&S or Merit staff. The category encompasses a broad range of positions in Accounting, Administration, Engineering, Information Technology, Research and Management.

  • Student

    Students who wish to work while attending The University of Iowa will find many job opportunities both on the University campus and in the Iowa City/Coralville community.

Employee Spotlight

The Get to Know series in Iowa Now asks University of Iowa faculty, staff, and students a few questions about their work and their outside interests. Each of these extraordinary people has a unique story to tell.

  • Mike Hartley

    University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics

    "I am the emergency management coordinator for University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. Following 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina, hospitals across the U.S. began to implement more robust disaster preparedness and emergency response programs to improve their ability to continue to provide patient care services in the face of disasters. The emergency management coordinator position was created at UIHC in 2008, and I was assigned to the role in March of that year."

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  • Amy Brewster

    International Programs

    "In August, I was fortunate enough to start working in International Programs as the assistant director of the Communications and Relations unit. This talented group of people supports the work of International Programs in a number of ways, including outreach through the WorldCanvass program and K–12 initiatives, managing the IP website, planning events such as the Provost’s Global Forum, and hosting delegation visits from across the globe."

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  • Mary Cohen

    School of Music

    "I administer the music education program, which involves answering inquiries about the program, recruiting students to the School of Music who are interested in teaching licensure, and admitting undergraduates and post-baccalaureate interested in teaching licensure, and master’s and Ph.D. students interested in music education. I also make decisions about graduate teaching assistantships, teaching assignments, what course work we will offer in future semesters, specific aspects of our graduate program requirements, and improvements for our program."

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